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Today's digital world

In todays era, startups or existing business focuses a lot on using the digital platform as their key objective to run their business. Be it for their promotion through web or managing office resources through computer software or applications it is likely that no one wants to fall behind in embracing this features. Statistics shows that by moving their business on to digital platform more than 95% of the organisations have shown a steady growth of atleast 2-3 times of their business. But every good thing comes with a cost. The desperation of the business to digitalize themselves and their lack of knowledge on the IT infrastructure has led them to outsource their IT department to some specialist. While this has been a very sucessful move over the years the cost of outsourcing their work has also led them a very high expenditure. In this current decade however things have started changing drastically with the growth of cloud platforms and various SaaS and PaaS tools which enable every company to use a shared IT infrastructure thereby reducing their cost of IT operations.

However, while the bigger companies have shown their agility to transform their business with the new wave the smaller organisations or the startup companies are still relying on the traditional approach. This is mostly because of their lack of knowledge on this ever changing industry and a fear of making any changes on their already proven infrastructure where they do not have sufficient knowledge.

While I do believe that making such a big move is really a matter of taking a bold step for any small-mid range companies because they would like to focus more on their business, but it also has to be remembered that change is the only constant in this universe. If the change is for good then go for it!

Rise of the freelancers:

While it might take few more years but it is inevitable that slowly but eventually the business will be aware of the new changes and try to adapt themselves. This will not only help them in modernising their operations but also save them real money. With the shared IT resource and infrastructure what the company will only lack is the right people to use them. And what if they can also be hired as per their requirement basis?  Here comes the freelancers.  What can be better than a self managed developer building your project on a shared IT infrastructure? It saves you from paying thousands or millions of dollars to host your own infrastructure ( or pay your outsourcing company to do for you) and maintaining a full project team including Managers, Architects, Business Analyst, Developers and Testers. All you need is your own business planner and you pay the rest on a shared basis.

So, if you are a small business owner or having a thought of building your own startup company and looking for an affordable web development services in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia give it a thought. Which way would you like to go with?


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